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so much more enjoyable

Our trainer was great and easy to work with. We sent our 5.5 month old puppy for the two week board and train. It’s obviously hard to send your pup away, but we got great updates on not only her training progress, but also all the fun she was having. We were worried she wouldn’t want to leave her to come home! Having a solid base with her training has made it so much more enjoyable to continue working with her ourselves, and she loves having the freedom to be off leash and run around the property!


Abigail M.  // Verified Google Review

100 Stars

I would give our trainer 100 Stars if that were an option. My dog Luke and I learned so much from Marcy. This training has been life changing for us. I can let him run off leash every day which he needs. After this training, I feel confident that he will sit and stay, come and other commands that are needed for his safety and my piece of mind. Our trainer is kind, knowledgeable and patient. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND working with Marcy to train your dog.


Michele S.  // Verified Google Review


Our trainer is amazing! Incredibly professional, knowledgeable and used our time together in a really focused way. I truly didn’t know if our 1.5 year old Norwegian Elkhound would ever be a dog that would come when called and now she is!!! We spent four one hour private sessions with her and it has transformed the way my whole family gets to enjoy our time with our dog.


Jette G.   // Verified Google Review

better dog trainers

Our trainer really helped lay the foundation for training our puppy, Tsuga. She came back from the 2 week boarding program ready to learn! He also helped us learn how to be better dog trainers (which is the most important part of the whole experience). I would recommend anyone struggling with training their dog to Offleash K9!


Ion D.  // Verified Google Review

They have earned 10 from me

We have had many dogs in our life and had much time to work with them all. We currently have a 1 year old Lab that we love but didn’t have the extra time multiple days a week to go to training and had talked to a customer that recommended off leash K9 so I figured it was worth the shot. Wow I am a true believer We just picked our little girl up today and the transformation after just 2 weeks is amazing. Our trainer was awesome sent us regular updates with pictures and videos. Out of 5 stars they have earned a 10 from me.


Jim C.  // Verified Google Review

Great job

She did a great job with my dog Rui. She sent lots of updates while I sent my dog to the 2 week board and train. I couldn’t be happier with the results. My dog can now enjoy her life to the fullest by being safe off leash


Tim H.   // Verified Google Review

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